Monday, 1 September 2014


This is it! My first official post on FashionKillerxo taking on my role as fashion specialist and stylist at the blog. I hope you all got to know me a little from the previous post, '20 questions with Matthew Reade.' I'm excited to share my passions and thoughts with you all through my blog posts and take you on this journey while I express what I love doing.

As it was said in my 'get to know me' post, I will be attending the music festival 'Bestival' this thursday on the Isle of Wight. This post will consist of my festival key pieces this summer and some outfit build ideas I have styled myself. While at the festival I will keep you all up to date with twitter posts and will record my time there with pictures and OOTD's ready for my returning post. Festival season is one of my favourite times of the year and I love festival style, so here is some pieces that have been big trends seen this year! - enjoy fashionkillers xo

Here are only a few key pieces seen this year at the iconic music festivals across the country. 

- Flannel shirts
- Vintage band t shirts
- Bucket hats
- Fedoras
- Printed trousers
- 90's
- Distressed denim

The list goes on… All of these looks can easily be achieved with day to day pieces you may already have in your wardrobes and if not, at affordable prices. I am a lover of the high end, but a lot of highstreet retailers are recreating designer looks, and selling clothes that are current with latest trends and all these pieces can be bought in your nearest city centre. Festival style is all about looking effortless, like you have just thrown your closet into your rucksack and haven't put much thought into your outfit. Play with simple pieces and team them up with a funky shirt or an oversized plaid - a hat is always a quick way to make an outfit more interesting and fun and should definitely be your most important accessory! Fedoras to bucket hats, beanies to snap backs, throwing one on with a vintage tour tee and frayed denim shorts instantly steps up your outfit game!

While at Bestival I look forward to seeing all these latest trends being worn and how they are being worn in different ways depending on the persons own style. 
Thank you for reading my first Fashionkillerxo blog post, I look forward to sharing my weekend with you all when I return with a new post next week. If any of you are attending Bestival this year, then let me know in the comments box below, I hope to see you there rocking your key festival pieces!

- Matthew Reade xo

Monday, 25 August 2014

20 Questions With Matthew Reade

Today, I am introducing a new edition to FashionKillerxo. Over the last couple of months Kelsey has been extremely busy and we both came to the decision that it would be best for her to focus on what she needs to do and leave the blog. 

Ever since then, I have been in talks with Fashion Stylist Matthew Reade. His sense of style and ambition will bring wonders to the blog, with new and innovative ideas on to this huge fashion game board.

In the next couple of months we will be having renovations being made to the blog, so keep your eye out and watch this space! 

For now, here is 20 questions with Matthew Reade.
Welcome and good luck.

1.Who are you? (name, age, location etc)
Matt Reade, 20, Southampton
2.Sum yourself up in one word. 
3.What are you doing here? (job role etc)
I am here because I love fashion and I also love writing about fashion. I want to express my 'passion for fashion' through the blog. I am ready to be involved in the blog to help it succeed and bring something different to give it an edge. I am confident that the blog will continue to grow from the knowledge I bring and the love that I have for it. 

4.Name three things that you love right now.

Cross body bags in particular the Balenciaga city mini bag, fedoras and distressed denim! There are so many things I love it's hard to just list 3! 
5.Why fashion? 
Fashion and style is way to express yourself and show the world who you really are through what you choose to wear. Fashion is powerful, it has a power that can change people's perspective of you and allows people to judge you without even showing your personality. It excites me everyday! Clothes excite me, style excites me! Fashion is my comfort zone and sometimes being in your comfort zone isn't always a bad thing. 

6.How would you describe your style?

Ever changing 

7.Who is your style inspiration?
This is difficult because I don't have one particular person that is my style icon or reference for my own style. I take a lot of my style inspiration from street style and tumblr! I like to modify trends and make them my own while mixing them with vintage or retro pieces! I am a bit of a trend follower and I'm not afraid to say that because I think the word 'unique' is thrown around a bit and is taken out of context - no one is really unique. If I like a sub cultural trend then I will follow it. Like the whole socks and slides buzz, I like the look, so I will wear the look.  

8.Highstreet or Highend? Why?
High end because you are buying quality. You are buying an item that has been made to last which makes the value greater. High street is a quick fix but isn't made to last so you buy more! I'd rather buy less but have timeless pieces in my closest that will last for years.  

9.One thing you can not leave the house without?

My phone. I have to check Instagram at least 5 times an hour! 

10.Who are you favorite fashionistas on the social sphere right now?

Pelayo Diaz - katelovesme - I read his blog every day and find it a massive inspiration and appreciate his style atheistic and love for the fashion forward.
But within the social sphere and celebrity circle I am obsessed with Kylie Jenner! I can't believe she is only 17 and her style is so developed and current! She really is becoming a fashion icon in her own right! 

11.What is the ultimate fashion magazine? 

It varies from month to month, issue to issue, but I always gravitate towards buying I-D 

| Beanie - Topman | Tee - Vintage | Shirt - Vintage | Jeans - Topman |

12.Vogue or Elle?

13.Apple or Android?

14.Guilty Pleasure?

Eating a whole packet of custard creams
15.Fall or Summer?

16.Beer or Champagne?

17.Favourite City?
New York

18.Who would play you in a movie of your life? 

19.Rihanna or Beyonce? 

20.Any other comments? 
My first official post shall include an OOTD along with a festival essentials since I am attending Bestival. When I return I shall be blogging about the festival. Watch this space. 


Monday, 18 August 2014

Blast From The Past.

Over the last two months, you are all aware that I have been back home in the sticks with my family, until I get some money together and move back to the big smoke (London.) 

This week I wanted to share a little bit of my past in pictures because as I have said before, this place is home and how can I hate it? I have made friends for life here and I would not change anything for the world. 

Family & friends come first (bros before hoes) with everything and I thought it would be nice to share some of my experiences and lifestyle while I was living out of London. 

In this collection of photos will include numerous photos of me, I have had to cut down on the selfies hell of a lot, because only now do I realise that I take too many. There shall be friends, food, alcohol and a lot of other things. At this point I would like to point out that I do look terrible in most of these pictures, but since I am bringing the past back up, what do I expect? 

Don't judge me too much.

Dear Paris, Lindsey and Britney.

Please forgive me for not portraying myself as a hot mess. I have learnt and intend to project myself in this manner over the next couple of years.

All my love.