Friday, 18 July 2014

You Have To Leave The Beach To Enter The City.

Here are 3 outfits that I pieced together that would be perfect for a day of brunch, beach and partying. I would wear everyone of these outfits and will get them in my wardrobe one day soon. 



A Classic Tale.

This #classic tale of blue jeans and white shirt has been spiced up for a potential brunch/coffee date. The tartan and bandana prints are incorporated to bring life and enthusiasm to the outfit along with the stunning rose gold watch. The blue mirrored sunglasses reflect what the day may bring us, rousing this outfit up and what it represents. 


Beach Life.


This is not your typical beach wear outfit, but the drop crotch shorts or basket ball shorts paired with the oversized tee, will let your body breathe. 

The patterned hat and colourful socks follow this years 'tropical' trend and adds that splash of colour in to the outfit. The leather draw string sports bag is also making a come back this year, what a better time to wear it? I find them better to carry than your normal tote as well.

 The classic black ray bans and gold chain accessorise the outfit enough to make a statement but not too much that it is overcrowding.


Paint The Town Gold.


This quirky 90s inspired outfit is perfect for a night out in the city. Thigh squeezing black skinny jeans with a baroque print baggy silk shirt which is covered by a velvet like bomber jacket. 

A Versace gold chain to add to the crazy.

 A choice of either gold or black and white studded Dr martens, whichever takes your fancy to give your outfit that extra kick.

 To end it all off, add a copious amount of Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs and you will be set to paint the town gold.

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

The Royal Forest Of Dean: Week 1.

The Royal Forest Of Dean or to me the 'FOD' is a place where I have grown up. It is a community where everybody communicates which keeps this low key place afloat. The beautiful scenery, the peace and quiet are a thumbs up for all families thinking of moving to more of a nesting ground. This week I have settled in, going to pubs, eating good food, seeing some good friends/family and much more... 

Before we go any further, this is my baby cousin. This is the first time I had ever saw him and I fell in love as soon as I did. Little Roman fell asleep in my arms while I cradled him. Seeing him has given me an urge to have a baby. I started planning out wardrobe pieces, nursery decor and many other things for my future child. 

He is so cute in this picture too, I can not get enough of him. 


I came back on the saturday and was welcomed with cava, chocolate, cologne and cigarettes. How have I not been home more often when these kind of presents are waiting for me. All of that made my weekend along with the amazing time I had reuniting with my family and home made food. 

I may be in the middle of nowhere but Vogue is still in its glorious place on the magazine rack. Crisp as ever, enticing me in with Victoria Beckhams (VB) flawless photos along with her day to day life interview.

It is good to be back.

A couple of days went past and I had to start work in TOPSHOP TOPMAN Gloucester. It was strange entering a building which I had left behind almost a year ago. Different people, different surroundings but still the same managers. It was wonderful to be back in a team that I had carried so many memories with. 

Lana Del rey has been carrying me through my long bus rides to the city with my early morning starts. We are talking breakfast on the decking with a tiny peak of what the sun is going to bring us in the day. 

Here, I tried on a few wigs and had a laugh. The worst part of this is that I did not even have a drink, I was just loving the weave upon my head. My Chris Crocker impression made all my friends cry with laughter. It was a girls night in.

One evening last week, I met up with some old strangers known better as Laura & Jess my secondary school best friends. Instead of grabbing a coffee or a bottle of wine we take ourselves to a quaint pub called the High Orchard. I wish I had more photos of the food, but I ate everything in site I was that Hank Marvin. 

Starter - Breaded mushrooms with a bbq sauce and garnish.
A tower of onion rings with bbq sauce. 

Main - Steak with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, onion rings, peas, chips and their special blend of sticky bbq dip. 

Desert - A melt in the middle chocolate pudding paired with just enough vanilla ice cream to satisfy you. 

The evening was casual and quiet, which was excellent for us to catch up on everything that has happened in the last year. Friends like these last forever. 

One of my good friends poppy, who I have known for such a long time now has always been a girl with an ambition for art. She now has her own tattoo studio and still inspires me to succeed in what I do.  I spent a couple of hours in her shop having a catch up when she could go out for a cheeky cigarette before sitting down with her next client. 

Her shop is quirky and traditional which I find beautiful. Taxidermy on the walls along with pages and pages of art work from herself and other artists. I always love entering this shop, it has an uplifting atmosphere that always gets me motivated to do something creative. 

I added her shoes in the montage of pictures because they are a fabulous set of T.U.K creepers. We are in summer and she has a tropical pair of shoes on. The colours are so on point and they are just fab. 

Next we move on to a magazine from the 80s called LOOKS. I found out this week that one of my neighbours was featured in a magazine many years ago and I was clueless to this. Talk about an 80s trend with that emerald green jacket and striped bottoms. Gotta call it fabulous. 

Incidentally the article was not just on fashion, but her place of work. It was a 'posh' sandwich shop which was being recognised for its amazing food. The shop was located in London, so when I get back I am going to track it down and see what has happened to it now. 

Now, let us fast forward to the saturday after I moved back. I found out it was gay pride in bristol, so what do i do? I go with two of my friends Louis & Shane with alcohol on our minds and cigarettes in our pockets. 

I have to say after London pride, this just did not do anything for me. There was so many people crammed in to an open space that I couldn't even take any pictures, apart from the important selfies and pretty landscapes of course. We drank through the day and our attention was quickly dried up from over the top drag queens and lack of entertainment. 

Last year was so much more energetic and fierce. This year seemed to be a money grabbing event rather than a celebration of the LGBT community. With that said, I had an amazing day seeing my boys, but pride was a huge let down!

On this night I will be honest, I was completely out of my tree. I have never drank so much alcohol in my life and I have learnt to never drink gin again. The girl on my right is called Lisa, she was one of my cousins friends, but since my cousin had to leave a little early we stuck together in a crowd of messes. 

We chatted, smoked and drank the night away, finally ending our chapter in a house not far from mine. This is where Lisa hooked me on to gin and bitter lemon, with a delirious conversation about nothing. 

All I am going to say is that I do not have a limit with alcohol anymore and that I really need to get a limit because my head the next morning was pounding. 

Lesson Learnt. 

To end this post off, here is the same picture of Roman and I. I just love it so much. 

Have a good week.